Xitech Heavy Oil Recovery System

The REM3000ES is perfect for single well applications that have very viscous fluids like #6 oil or coal tar in a 4" or greater Well. The REM3000ES is solar powered, and its compact.

This system saves time and money by not having to acquire an air compressor at Grainger, buy a building at Home Depot, and purchase a City permit. The REM3000ES on-board air compressor powers a Xitech Skimmer or DNAPL Pump up to 100 feet deep. The REM3000ES includes: a programmable controller; a no maintenance air dryer; a high- level tank shutoff, a 75-watt finger heater assembly; and 35 feet of heater cable.

The REM3000ES system operates very differently from all of our other controllers because it has limited power. The heat source and skimmer operate intermittently. To recover very heavy oil the system first heats up the product in the well using a 75-watt finger heater to about 80°F, which takes about 30 minutes, then the skimmer removes the warmed-up heavy oil for about 10-15 minutes. We have found the best recovery times are at 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm, and 4 pm.


Programmable, intermittent control with 24 start times
99 minutes of heating time per start time
99 minutes of pumping time per start time
Tank overfill protection
30 days delay for each interval
Visual indicator displays tank full, running, and pumping
Displays pumping time in hours and minutes
Battery-backed program memory

On-board air compressor:

Pumping time limited to 2 hours per day
Air dryer dries down to -32°F
Maximum operating depth is 100 feet

Solar-power system:

One 80-watt solar panel mounted to top of JOBOX®
One 120-watt solar panel mounted to ground mount
Solar computer manager provides battery protection
Two Optima batteries

General specifications:

Enclosure size: 26" high x 24" deep x 60" wide
Weatherproof, lockable JOBOX®
Weight: 275 pounds
Operation manual included

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