Xitech manufactures a complete line of active free product recovery systems, groundwater remediation systems, and air sampling technology for environmental consulting companies.

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Xitech has spent the past 24 years protecting our planet’s drinking water supply. We invite you to join us in the quest to save our dwindling Potable Water. Begin your journey in understanding the water problem by reading the following great book: "Unquenchable" by Robert Glennon.

If you have a contaminated groundwater problem, you have come to the right place for solutions. Xitech specializes in containment and removal of all types of LNAPLs, DNAPLs, and dissolved compounds in groundwater. Our solutions are engineered for site closure in the shortest possible time!
Please feel free to browse our website, then give us a call or email to discover what 24 years of experience can do for you.

God Bless Our Planet,
Dwight L. Patterson, President

Applications of our equipment include:
  • Free product recovery of light & heavy LNAPL's such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, # 6 fuel oil, creosote, jet fuels, PCB oil and machinery oil.

  • Free product recovery of light & heavy DNAPL's such as solvents like TCE or PCE, heavy creosote, and coal tar.

  • Groundwater remediation using single phase, dual phase, and multi phase equipment.

  • Air sampling for low vacuum SVE vapor monitoring, and high vacuum multi phase vapor monitoring.

Types of systems Xitech provides:
  • Single and multi well solar powered
    free product systems.

  • Pump Controller for Explosive environments (i.e. Class I, Div 1).

  • Central Computer controlled groundwater pumping systems with true water level control.

  • Single and multi well job box control stations.

  • Complete line of well head completion accessories.