Four Channel Ambient Air Tube Sampler Model 2012

The Model 2012 Air Sampler is a great alternative to canister sampling which can be costly and inconvenient. This four-channel ambient air sampler provides the environmental scientist and industrial hygienist easy EPA Compendium Method TO-17 (Determination of VOCs in Ambient Air Using Active Sampling onto Sorbent Tubes) sampling, IAQ, ambient air monitoring, odor compliant source determinations, evaluating hazardous waste sites or fence line monitoring. The Model 2012 Air Sampler is compact, waterproof, portable, has precision constant flow control (Porter® needle valves), and has an easily programmable computer. It has four custom sample tube holders that protect the sample tubes by 75% of the tube being inside the sampler. The sample tube holder accepts 1/4 inch diameter tubes, 6mm diameter tubes, and 10mm diameter tubes with 6mm ends. The 2012 Sampler provides high flow rates and high back pressure for short-term sampling. The flow range is from 5-500ml/min. @ 162 in/H2O vacuum. The Porter® flow valves provide remarkable accuracy, very stable flow over long periods of sampling, and easy precise flow setting.
The Model 2012 software provides individual programmable start date, start time, and sampling duration for all four channels. This software enables the user to perform individual sampling, sequential sampling, and parallel sampling for up to 12 hours (with booster battery). Continuous sampling of all 4 sampling channels simultaneously is possible. The sampler has 6 power choices: single 5 AmpHr battery, 5 AmpHr + 1.2 AmpHr booster battery, single 9 AmpHr battery, 9 AmpHr + 1.2 AmpHr booster battery, external battery charger, or external battery. The 2012 comes standard with a 5 AmpHr rechargeable AGM (Advanced Glass Mat) valve regulated sealed lead acid battery. Our battery charger also included provides less than 8 hours of recharge time, operates the sampler continuously, and has a charging indicator. Software displays low battery condition for the main battery and for the back-up memory battery. The external power port makes this sampler easy to recharge when in a vertical stack.

Model 2012 Features and Specifications

Suitable for U.S.E.P.A. TO-17 sampling
4 independently controlled sample channels
4 precision constant flow PorterĀ® needle valves
Accepts 1/4", 6mm, or 10mm diameter tubes
Accommodates up to 150mm tube lengths
Independent flow rates from 5 to 500 ml/min
Controller displays: elapsed run time, sampling
   status for all 4 channels and low battery condition
Maximum vacuum: 162 in/H 0
Easy push-in connection for sample tubes
Waterproof lockable enclosure
Low battery monitoring and protection
Battery charging indication and monitoring

5 AmpHr battery
Internal booster battery cable
Dimensions: 14.1" x 10.6" x 6.1"
Weight: 14 lbs
Optional Parts:
Single 750ma battery charger (USA only)
Single 1.25A battery charger (USA & Int)
4 channel battery charger (USA & Int)
6 ft long external booster battery cable
1.2 AmpHr booster battery 9 AmpHr battery

Order No: 2012

Model 2012 Features and Specification