Model 1067, Dual Channed Air Sampler

For quick, clean sample collections of low ambient air and high vacuum VOC's vapor collection, the Model 1067, Dual Channel Ambient Air Sampler was developed specifically to meet the dual channel sampling requirements of US EPA Method TO-17, Determination of VOC's in Ambient Air using Active Sampling onto Sorbent Tubes. Precision needle valves provide stable flow rates for two independently controlled flow channels for sorbent tube sampling over a range of 5-500mL/min. Quick connectors make sampling set–up fast and easy.
These connectors accept 6mmOD or 1/4"OD solvent or thermal desorption tubes.

The Model 1067 rugged sampler weighs only 8 pounds and includes a lockable front cover to prevent any changes to the sampler by untrained personnel. The rechargeable battery provides 12 hours of continuous sampling on each channel with remarkable accuracy and precision.
Model 1067 Dual Channel Ambient Air Sampler
Model 1067


Model 1067, Dual Channel Ambient Air Sampler
Accepts any 6mmOD or 1/4"OD solvent desorption tube or thermal
   desorption tube
Two independent sampling channels
Flow range of 5-500mL/min per channel
Rechargeable battery
Multi-turn needle valve flow controllers for maximum precision and
   consistent reliability
Entirely self-contained with lockable front cover
Quick-connector tube fittings for fast and easy sample set-up
Digital electronic sample timer
Operation manual
Size: 6 inches high x 9 inches deep x 5 inches long
Weight: 8 pounds

Optional Parts:
115VAC charger: #443
115/230VAC universal charger: #448