We are Matt Shepard and Troy Baker, as owners of Xitech Instruments, it gives me great pleasure to have the opportunity to help you make our World a Cleaner, Safer, Less Toxic and Sustainable place. As a former Army Officer, Safety Officer, Product Manager, Industry Non-Profit Board members in a variety of fields, we have learned what learned what it takes and is needed to build a strong foundation for meeting facility managers, project managers, maintenance, engineering and Safety Managers’ goals and needs in the long run.

This has lead us to build a company that unlike competitors has no comparison or parallel, in the heart of sustainability and quality, with state of the art technology featuring the most durable of components in every product, the latest technology using the cloud to allow PMs, Regulators and End Users the comfort of knowing that have purchased the best in class remediation and safety products while assuring them that their site and project are well taken care of and getting the remediation that their site, their investment and neighbors deserve.

Our passion for creating Best in Class products and services has lead us to Xitech to continue on the 30-year legacy into the next decades. As professionals, fellow citizens, experts in Safe Working Environments and Environmental Medicine and parents to six children of all ages, we see all the important areas of creating a safe property and non-impacting neighbor.

Since we are all in this endeavor together, we welcome hearing from you about your concerns, needs and desire for the next generation of remediation products. We promise you the best most customer focused company in our industry and we look forward to creating a safer environment with you!

Thank You!
Troy and Matt
Troy@Xitechinc.com | Matt@Xitechinc.com